WE ARE A FINALIST: Insurtech Insights

We are thrilled and honored to announce that from hundreds of entries MyAutoData (MAUD) has been selected as a finalist for the ITI Startup Awards competition at Europe’s largest Insurtech Insights conference in London.

Many thanks to the InsurTech Insights judges and everyone else involved in the decision making!

Was that based on the fact, that our groundbreaking business model and AI powered web data platform enables drivers to self-manage, share, and monetize their unique data treasure from vehicle ownership, trip recording and driving behavior with companies directly?

Or was it due to the revolutionary data dimension and our marketplace that provides insurers and other companies a legally secure access to customer data, a 360° view, a lead generation machine, and the opportunity to use the data for the development of unique use cases and new business models?

We are convinced that they have considered both and therefore want to thank them very much for giving the future a chance!

InsurTech Insights Finalist