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The Digital Data Treasure Box

MAUD for Companies in 60 seconds explained !

What does MAUD offer for your company?

MAUD offers two advantages at once. Our innovative practice turns B2C into C2B eliminating the need for big advertising budgets to reach new customers. Your new customers are waiting for customised offers from you in the MAUD marketplace!

Millions of our member drivers create a data treasure trove (Big Data) that enables automotive-related companies, market researchers, and municipalities to easily ascertain individual customer needs and behavior and thus identify new digital business models or mobility strategies.

MAUD Big Data
MAUD Business Intelligence

How does your company benefit from the data?

MAUD member drivers make data permanently available to your company, and it is organized in laser-sharp target groups. You access it in real time, and use the results from your specific inqueries for market research and intelligence, marketing, product development or the implementation of benchmarks – anytime and anywhere. You benefit from legal security as the data comes directly from its owners, and above all from the diversity, reliability, informative value and quality of this data. And all of this at prices far below typical market rates!

What is the advantage of the MAUD marketplace?

Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, dealer, garage, insurance company, auto club or other membership organization, or any other automotive-related business, the MAUD marketplace not only offers you a hefty reduction in your existing advertising budget through its C2B approach, but also the opportunity to deliver tailored, personalized offers to your leads in real time at the touch of a button. The MAUD Marketplace acts as your digital direct sales channel with MAUD member drivers. In other words, you company saves money while quickly generating new customers!

MAUD Marketplace

Ready to use the benefits of MAUD?

Register as a MAUD marketplace company today:

  • Designate a responsible person to register with their business email address.
  • After  successful qualification by MAUD  your company is activated.
  • Make use of Early Bird advantages participation is currently free, but fee will eventually kick in!

How German media has reacted to the MAUD concept

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Why not analyze the market and your competitors yourself?

Thousands of different queries are available anytime and anywhere. Here are some of the most prominent examples.

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The MAUD Marketplace Dashboard

The MAUD Marketplace Dashboard in action

The MAUD Dashboard offers everything you need to know at a glance and allows quick access to all important functions.

We are a start-up running at full throttle

Several thousand vehicle owners registered their vehicles shortly after our launch and their number is growing every day!

We are also growing very strongly internationally and can claim to be the best and most secure platform for vehicle owner data.

Data quality and data protection are top priorities for us!

MyAutoData Milestones


Every company, regardless of its core business, can access the unlocked data of vehicle owners at anytime and any place. Every firm needs the best market intelligence possible. Thus far we have 30+ types of automotive-related businesses among our marketplace companies tapping into MAUD intelligence, including:

  • Market research firms
  • Municipalities and other government agencies developing new mobility concepts
  • Car and motorcycle dealerships
  • Insurance companies
  • Body, repair and tire shops
  • Roadside assistance providers
  • Parking garages and parking app providers
  • And many more….


The data of MAUD member drivers is divided into two main areas: Static and Dynamic data:

Static data (with 300+ data points) includes all demographic and vehicle-related data. For example:

  • Home and business addresses
  • Household income
  • Age and Gender
  • Family members
  • Driver’s License information
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle details
  • Purchase and leasing contracts
  • Current Insurance
  • Repair and service history
  • And much more…..


Dynamic data is information on the business or private trips made by the vehicle owner or his family members with corresponding driving behavior. This mobility data includes:

  • start and stop locations
  • fuel consumption
  • Co2 emissions
  • distances travelled
  • average speed
  • duration of use
  • speeding and other traffic violations,
  • weather conditions
  • and much more…


Almost all static and dynamic data can be combined into filter criteria. This results in thousands of alternative selection combinations for an extremely focused identification of target groups, even for the most specific applications. Thus, your data search can quickly and easily identify specific customer needs, discover new business potential or shed light on your current product strategy.

Companies that sell automotive-related products or services use the MAUD marketplace as an additional, digital direct sales channel. This channel requires no money to be spent on customer advertising, because in the new MAUD C2B Marketplace, vehicle owners come to you directly when they are looking for a new/used vehicle or something for their existing vehicle, such as a new insurance policy, a set of tires, repairs, etc.

Additionally, you can use specific queries to find out, for example, which vehicle owners are dissatisfied with their current products, e.g. a particular vehicle model, or services, e.g. the last repair shop visit. To attract the attention of this target group, you can create an advertisement in the MAUD Marketplace and deliver it to the relevant vehicle owners  in real time.

  • A car manufacturer wants to measure how satisfied the customers of another manufacturer are with their current vehicle model.
  • A leasing company would like to know which contracts will expire in the next 3 months and how satisfied the customers are with their current lessor.
  • A service garage wants to know if there are any vehicles in their zip code that have not been serviced for over 12 months
  • A municipality wants to know which vehicles in its city are on the road every day and for how long, and which produce more than 200 g/mile of CO2 per journey
  • The sales organisation of a manufacturer wants to know which vehicles in a certain area are more than 5 years old, as well as which vehicle owners have a household income of more than $250,000

How the media react to the MAUD concept

You want to know more about what the press is saying about us?

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